(L188-Green)9" Large LED Digital Alarm Clock with USB Port

1.9" Large Display.
2.USB Charging Port.
3.0-100% Dimmer.
4.Touch-Activated Snooze.
5.Adjustable Alarm Sound.
6.Simple Operation.

Product description

1.9" LARGE DISPLAY WITH 0-100% DIMMER: The big bold digits ensure you easy read across the room (30 feet). You can lower the brightness from 0-100% to keep your bedroom darker while sleeping.
2.ADJUSTABLE ALARM SOUND WITH TOUCH-ACTIVATED SNOOZE: The alarm beeps can be set at Low or High volume; And the gradual ascending alarm feature ensures gently wake you up. Slightly touch the control panel to activate 9 minutes snooze, extremely easy to operate.
3.USB PHONE CHARGING PORT: Convenient extra USB port allows you to charge your phone and other devices without plug in wall.
4.BASIC ALARM CLOCK WITH EASY OPERATION: Easy set up with few buttons, experience zero stress when setting the time or alarm. Easy for kids, seniors and the elderly.

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