(ACR-3P) REACHER Simple Dual Alarm Clock with Adjustable

1.Dual Alarm.
2.Simple Operation.
3.Loud Alarm.
4.Adjustable Volume.
5.3 Levels Brightness.
6.USB Charging Port.
7.Battery Backup.

Product description

1.Dual alarm clock can let you easily set two different alarm for backup to you and your family.
2.Loud or low alarm is up to you (16 level volume optional), ascending alarm, soft start alarm begins quieter and gets louder gradually, the loudest volume is suitable for heavy sleepers.
3.Extremely easy and straightforward setup. Separate buttons make setting up time and two alarms easier.
4.Adjustable Brightness: 3.25" LED dimmable display(Bright / 75% dim / 50% dim / off), flexibility in adjusting the brightness, easy to read both day and night.
5.USB Charger & Snooze: It can snooze 6 times, 9 minutes apart; A USB port in the back of the unit for charging your smartphone while you sleep.

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