(ACR-3E)Simple Alarm Clock Radio for heavy sleeper

1.Alarm clock radio.
2.Simple operation.
3.USB charging port.
4.Auto Turn off Timer.
5.Battery backup.
6.Bass Cavity Design.

Product description

1.Wake up to either the FM radio or buzzer optional, 1.2 inch-high LED digits with dimming lets you easily set your comfortable brightness while also being easy to see from a distance. 6 snoozes with 9-minute intervals, for those who have a hard time waking up.
2.Easy to use, setting, one button for one function, one-step switch alarm to buzzer/radio/OFF, separate alarm volume and 12/24H format button, the most frequently used buttons are on the top-side of the device.
3.Wide alarm volume range(30 levels,0dB-120dB), begins quietly and gradually increases to your preset volume. Loud enough for heavy sleepers!
4.Great sound quality FM radio with bass cavity design; fall asleep to your favorite radio station via sleep timer; 5-120 minutes automatic turn-off timer.
5.USB charger port to charge your phone or tablets which frees up an outlet socket, Reacher guarantee 7/24 hours service and 12-month warranty.

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